Four Poems by Beach Sloth



Dead Flowers

So beautiful together in their little deaths
Memorial services for them
Collected by lovesick taxidermists
Ashes spread by the wind
Kissed goodbye
Fragrant in life
Affectionate in death


There is a cop car outside
Light on the wall shows the blue but not the red
Several cop cars are outside
I’m completely isolated
I’m inside
The light keeps on wavering
Ruining my typical night
Doing the same thing I do every night
Sitting alone in the dark


So I was staying after work working on a blog post and one of my coworkers said
“Leave we know what you do here”
And for a moment I thought they knew that I blogged at work.
Then I remembered that they thought I did actual work and felt good.

Basic Geographies

The is and of the
The island of the until when
What until where of the

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