Mallorca (Part III) – Day 2: Port d’Andratx and Es Baluard


The Daily Norm

“The colours, the colours!” I hear this phrase go round and round my head as I explore the magical island of Mallorca, as though through repetition, I may begin to make sense of the kaleidoscopic ravishment on my senses which comes of every colourful inch of this incredible Balearic beauty. Is it just the contrast from grey, industrialised London which makes the exquisite azure of Mallorca’s seas so ultimately seductive to the eyes, or is it true that here in Mallorca, the seas are more crystalline and cerulean than any other Spanish coast? While I’m used to being enchanted by the blue skies and sandy ochres of Andalucia, I have never seen turquoises like these along the Costa del Sol.

From the sea, to the sky, so rich a sapphire that it cannot help but pump optimism into the hearts and minds of every person shining beneath its reflective glory…

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Bacon Smoked Turkey Salad


365 Days of Bacon

Another super salad. Brought to you by … Bacon.

Not that bacon needs any sponsored advertisements. (But maybe the salad does?)

Have no fear, the salad part negates the bacon. Waistline: it’s ok! There’s Proof that Salad Cancels Out Bacon.


Sorry. As usual, this recipe isn’t scientific. I just toss together whatever I’ve got. And here’s what it happened to be:


  • bacon
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Applegate natural smoked turkey breast lunchmeat (a few slices, ripped into chunks)
  • assorted steamed veggies
  • red & green bell peppers
  • spicy pumpkin seeds
  • smoked tomato dressing


Toss it. (In your belly, that is)

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Cake & Bake makes me a cake!

otima ideia o bolo ficou lindo

Prête-Moi Paris

Cake & Bake for Prete Moi ParisPaul Waters a.k.a. “Pastry Boy” of Cake & Bake invited me over to his boutique on rue Lancry in the 10th for an in depth demonstration of how to decorate a cake in fondant. Little did I know the surprise he had in store for me! He had conceptualized a cake just for Prête-Moi Paris! I was thrilled to watch the “sculpting” happen right before my very eyes, and to capture it all on video for you. In addition to being photogenic and just plain charming, Paul also has an expert hand, it meticulous when creating his masterpieces. He always made sure everything was just perfect! And of course, made it all look sooooooo easy in the process!

See what he is capable of here…and hold on to your bakers hats…this video goes fast!

Cake & Bake from Prete Moi Paris on Vimeo.


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Hamburgers – A Prose Poem



You Future

It had been a particularly drab day. Hoping to see more sunshine in my future, I taught myself to read palms. I found the future of my roommates. Elsie would find love in the next year. She had a boyfriend of two years already. I couldn’t tell you whether she was in love with him or not. Annabelle was going to die in less than six months. I didn’t tell her. When I searched the lines in my own palm I couldn’t come up with anything. I saw a tiny glimpse of a mutant monster with the head of a chicken and small, beady eyes and tiny, child-like hands and feet, but the glimpse was quick and nothing else happened. Frustrated, I left to go buy hamburger meat for dinner. At the hamburger display there was a little girl staring intently into the swirls of meat. Her hair was an…

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Four Poems by Beach Sloth



Dead Flowers

So beautiful together in their little deaths
Memorial services for them
Collected by lovesick taxidermists
Ashes spread by the wind
Kissed goodbye
Fragrant in life
Affectionate in death


There is a cop car outside
Light on the wall shows the blue but not the red
Several cop cars are outside
I’m completely isolated
I’m inside
The light keeps on wavering
Ruining my typical night
Doing the same thing I do every night
Sitting alone in the dark


So I was staying after work working on a blog post and one of my coworkers said
“Leave we know what you do here”
And for a moment I thought they knew that I blogged at work.
Then I remembered that they thought I did actual work and felt good.

Basic Geographies

The is and of the
The island of the until when
What until where of the

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